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The Best Hats for Your Face Shape

It’s been snowing here in Boston (finally?), and I’ve been crazy busy, so our regularly scheduled outfit photos are delayed. But all this precipitation has me thinking about the best way to look good when it’s wet - hats! Do you ever see a cute hat in a shop and try it on, to find it just doesn’t look right? Different styles of hats look better on different types of faces. And while there are no hard and fast rules (hey, if you like it, rock it), here are some tips for finding the perfect hat for your face shape. 

Round faces can wear tall, slanted crowns to add some angular aspects around the face. Alternatively, try a brim much wider than your face - it will make your face seem more narrow. Here, Christina Ricci wears a slanted, wide brim.

No need for a long face! Those with narrow, high faces can try wearing hats with high crowns (more of your head will fit in the hat). The wider and floppier your hat, the better you will look! See how good SJP looks in a high and floppy hat?

It’s hip to be square! Soften the angles of your face with large, upturned brims or round shapes. Berets and caps also work to elongate your face. Salma Hayek looks beautiful and classic - this hat elongates her face.

Lucky ladies with heart-shaped faces can wear almost anything…well, anything but wide brims which really widen their faces. Angelina Jolie looks good in anything, but she really looks great in this cloche!

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